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hi guys!! this is a pretty big step for me and im quite nervous about this, but im going to start digital commissions! 

i dont really have a huge reason for getting the money, i just want to be able to have my own way of purchasing items for people without having to ask my parents for their money,, also, if i can get some money saved up on paypal then hopefully i can donate to my friends who need money for medical reasons n such! 

Commissions Page 1 by Sierracat7807
Commissions Page 2 by Sierracat7807

Commissions Page 3 by Sierracat7807

Commissions Page 4 by Sierracat7807

Commissions Page 5 by Sierracat7807

in case you cant read my handwriting or want it in text form, here ya go: 

  • headshots/busts (which includes the head down to the shoulders and chest)- $2.00 US (plus your desired art style) (these can be counted as icons too if you’d like!)
  • half body (which includes above mentioned plus down to hips; includes hands and arms if wanted)- $3.00 US (plus your desired art style)
  • full body (everything down to the feet)- $5.00 US (plus your desired art style)

art styles 

  • sketch- $3.00 US 
  • messy colored sketch- $4.00 US
  • lineart- $5.00 US (plus $2.00 US if you want the lines colored)
  • flat color- $8.00 US (plus $3.00 US for some simple shading and lighting)
  • painting/lineless- $12.00 US 
  • paper doll- $15.00 US 

things i will do

  • humans 
  • felines/canines/similar animals 
  • anthro (to an extent. im really iffy about this one. msg for specifics)
  • blood (slight)
  • other (ie: fanart, shippings {to an extent.}. please msg for specifics)

things i wont do

  • mecha 
  • nsfw (including nudity n stuff like that)
  • gore 
  • anything weird or gross (ie: incest, pedo, something harmful to others, fetishes, etc)

places you can contact me 

  • tumblr- @.silvertheexchanger (message me or send a private ask)
  • twitter- @.phosphorred (dm me)
  • deviantart- sierracat7807 (note me)
  • email- (email me)


  • extra characters will be plus $2.00 US (so if u wanted 2 characters added on to your base one it’d be plus $4.00 US, if ya wanted 1 extra character it’d be plus $2.00 US, etc). 
  • i can only accept payments through paypal, as it is my only online baking thing right now. 
  • i will add a background for free; they are only simple ones though, meaning just one color or a pattern or a gradient. 
  • i usually work with a canvas size of about 1480 px x 1920 px. i can do portrait and landscape (you’d just have to tell me which one you’d want)

and one more thing!! sorry if im slow to get to things or i sound confused for some parts, ive never done this before and im really new to it!

  • Listening to: i took this directly from my tumblr ok


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hi! these are my bestest friends who i love and cherish and love
:iconm00nlit3: :iconstardusttart: :iconwolfpajamas: :iconsweetspr1nce: :icongoregheist:

sierra/ivy/silver | taurus | 16 | straight/possibly ace | single | 3rd year in high school

you can visit me on youtube @ sierracat 7807
tumblr is @ silvertheexchanger
twitter is @ phosphorred


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